Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hilton Head Island

Matt and I enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend getaway last weekend that was simply relaxing and just what we needed. We left last Wednesday evening when Matt got home from work, which was a little later than usual- do to stuff going on at base, but we eventually hit the road around 6:45pm and drove about 3 hours to Hilton Head Island, SC. I had ALWAYS wanted to go to HHI, I knew some people who had gone there a few times, and it always sounded like fun- beach town, relaxed setting..Just what I like!. Now that I am living on the East coast, things are a bit cheaper (like not having to pay for a plane ticket). Matt had never heard of HHI before so it was all new to him. We both had such a wonderful time. Thursday we hit the beach for 4-5 hours, Matt read a book on the beach and I just laid there on my beach towel and enjoyed the sun & splashing around in the ocean.
We then decided to grab a late lunch at a place called the Frosty Frog and enjoyed some fabulous food there, and did a little window shopping in the area. We then headed back to our hotel to just relax and watch a little TV, the sun wiped us out pretty good, so we were pretty pooped. We decided to just order a pizza and stay in for the night. It was perfect. We were a bit early hopping in the car to get the pizza, so we decided to drive around the island and just see some of the shops and restaurants around the area. We finally made it to the pizza place, grabbed our pizza and settled in our room for the night. It was in my opinion-THE PERFECT DAY!

Friday found us waking up at 9am barely able to move due to our bodies being sunburnt terribly from the day before. We were much more burned than originally thought, and could barely move or touch one another, but we new it was our last full day on the island, and wanted to rent some bikes and ride them around. So we rented some bikes ( I wanted a tandem, but they were unavailable ;( So we hopped on our bikes and rode to the Salty Dog Cafe which is on the other side of the Island, which is what the man at the bike rental place said. Come to find out, the ride was at least 5 miles there..and wow it felt more like 35. It was worth it when we finally got the cafe and stopped for some treats and a picture. I don't know why it felt so much longer, maybe because I haven't ridden a bike since l was 13, or my sunburn rubbing on my clothes or the fact that it was at least 5 miles one way. Overall, I was glad we did it together and its a memory we'll forever have. We then had a WONDERFUL dinner at the Crazy Crab which is a fresh seafood place where I tried a bunch of seafood that I have never had before. Like crab legs & shrimp. We then took a fun little trolley ride out to the lighthouse and walked all around the area that had shops, ice cream and music. It was the perfect night temp wise and the sunset was GORGEOUS.

We left Saturday morning and even though it was the perfect little getaway; we were glad to be home in our own bed. Our hotel bed wasn't good, and we were wishing for our own bed and pillows all weekend. And it was good to just be home. We had a wonderful weekend filled with many memories. I head back to Wisconsin in about 3 weeks, and Matt and I will be separated temporarily again. So it was good to spend quality time together just the 2 of us without the pressures or work, or other craziness's of life. We are already planning our next trip for when I return to GA at the end of August. It looks like we'll be heading to Savannah probably September or October, depending on our financial situation because we are spending so much this summer between 2 weddings and plane tickets.....So until then I will enjoy my last 3 weeks with my hubby before we are temporarily separated, and enjoy my trip back to Wisconsin!

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