Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hilton Head Island

Matt and I enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend getaway last weekend that was simply relaxing and just what we needed. We left last Wednesday evening when Matt got home from work, which was a little later than usual- do to stuff going on at base, but we eventually hit the road around 6:45pm and drove about 3 hours to Hilton Head Island, SC. I had ALWAYS wanted to go to HHI, I knew some people who had gone there a few times, and it always sounded like fun- beach town, relaxed setting..Just what I like!. Now that I am living on the East coast, things are a bit cheaper (like not having to pay for a plane ticket). Matt had never heard of HHI before so it was all new to him. We both had such a wonderful time. Thursday we hit the beach for 4-5 hours, Matt read a book on the beach and I just laid there on my beach towel and enjoyed the sun & splashing around in the ocean.
We then decided to grab a late lunch at a place called the Frosty Frog and enjoyed some fabulous food there, and did a little window shopping in the area. We then headed back to our hotel to just relax and watch a little TV, the sun wiped us out pretty good, so we were pretty pooped. We decided to just order a pizza and stay in for the night. It was perfect. We were a bit early hopping in the car to get the pizza, so we decided to drive around the island and just see some of the shops and restaurants around the area. We finally made it to the pizza place, grabbed our pizza and settled in our room for the night. It was in my opinion-THE PERFECT DAY!

Friday found us waking up at 9am barely able to move due to our bodies being sunburnt terribly from the day before. We were much more burned than originally thought, and could barely move or touch one another, but we new it was our last full day on the island, and wanted to rent some bikes and ride them around. So we rented some bikes ( I wanted a tandem, but they were unavailable ;( So we hopped on our bikes and rode to the Salty Dog Cafe which is on the other side of the Island, which is what the man at the bike rental place said. Come to find out, the ride was at least 5 miles there..and wow it felt more like 35. It was worth it when we finally got the cafe and stopped for some treats and a picture. I don't know why it felt so much longer, maybe because I haven't ridden a bike since l was 13, or my sunburn rubbing on my clothes or the fact that it was at least 5 miles one way. Overall, I was glad we did it together and its a memory we'll forever have. We then had a WONDERFUL dinner at the Crazy Crab which is a fresh seafood place where I tried a bunch of seafood that I have never had before. Like crab legs & shrimp. We then took a fun little trolley ride out to the lighthouse and walked all around the area that had shops, ice cream and music. It was the perfect night temp wise and the sunset was GORGEOUS.

We left Saturday morning and even though it was the perfect little getaway; we were glad to be home in our own bed. Our hotel bed wasn't good, and we were wishing for our own bed and pillows all weekend. And it was good to just be home. We had a wonderful weekend filled with many memories. I head back to Wisconsin in about 3 weeks, and Matt and I will be separated temporarily again. So it was good to spend quality time together just the 2 of us without the pressures or work, or other craziness's of life. We are already planning our next trip for when I return to GA at the end of August. It looks like we'll be heading to Savannah probably September or October, depending on our financial situation because we are spending so much this summer between 2 weddings and plane tickets.....So until then I will enjoy my last 3 weeks with my hubby before we are temporarily separated, and enjoy my trip back to Wisconsin!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today I am looking back on my year of being 25. Tomorrow I officially turn 26. I literally can't believe that I will be 26. Where did 25 go? I will no longer be in my mid 20's I will be well on my way to 30. Whoa. So . Crazy. I still remember what I was doing on my 25th birthday. I was nannying that day for Owen and Leah, and also waiting for Matt to arrive in that day. Matt was officially leaving Hawaii and stopping back in Wisconsin for a couple weeks before he headed to Texas for the summer. I remember sitting in the Andersen's driveway eating birthday cupcakes with Leah, soaking in the sun. Then Matt arrived and the day got so much better.=). Matt had brought me a lei from Hawaii for my Birthday too, which was a fun surprise!

I was incredibly blessed again in the year of being 25. There way so many blessings beyond what I could possibly imagine in being 25. I got engaged and I got married. Two very incredibly high points for me. The Lord blessed me with an amazing fiance and now husband. I worked two incredible jobs that I loved. I have made new friends and rekindled old friendships. I moved to a new state, that I am thoroughly enjoying, and started a whole new life of being a wife. These just a few of the tremendous blessings the Lord gave me in the year of being 25. Not to mention His unfailing faithfulness, forgiveness, grace, mercy, love, sovereignty, and goodness.

I am excited about turning 26 tomorrow. I am excited to see what the Lord is gonna teach me and how He is gonna grow me in the next year. I am ready to do new adventures with Matt here in Georgia just him and I, and also with new friends. I am excited about maybe possibly starting a new job. I am ready to share my home with visitors from Wisconsin and wherever else. I am ready to grow deeper and deeper in love with my Savior this next year.

Here's to turning 26!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I am Reading.......

This is the book that I have been reading recently. It has been a very encouraging book to me. I have enjoyed it very much. This is the book that Matt and I will be going through with our home group starting next week. I am excited to see and learn what other couples will share about the different topic in the book, but Ultimately excited to be taught what GODS WORD has for me to learn about marriage and what my role as Matt's wife needs to ultimately look like. We are excited to start this group and meet some new friends!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I thought I would finally get everyone caught up on our lives here in GA and let you know how we are doing and what we are learning here. I know that I may not be the best writer out there, and I feel like sometimes my fingers don't write out exactly what I want to say, or what I am thinking in my brain. But this is a blog to keep all of my friends and family posted on what we are doing here, how we are doing, and how we are growing. Its also to share my struggles and passions.

The week was off to a rough start for both of us. Matt called me last Sunday to let me know that He was going to have to stay till at least 7pm Sunday night and more than likely the rest of his work week as well. I was devastated. I treasure my evenings with Matt, and every moment that we spend together- Plus the fact that I get lonely sometimes being here at the house alone most of the time-I think some of it has to do with that we didn't get to spend a lot of time together while we were dating or engaged doing the long distance thing, So now that we are married, I just want to spend every waking second with him! So when he told me that, my heart just sank, and my eyes started welling up and tears rolled down my face. But I had to remind myself that this is the life that we live. This is the life I live. I am learning that sometimes this may happen, this is Matt's job, and I need to be thankful that the Lord has blessed Matt with a good job, although it maybe stressful and not dream hours. So I prayed that the Lord would just give me peace and strength to get through the day and the rest of the week. And as always, The Lord was/is faithful and brought me through, and Matt didn't have to stay as long as he thought on Sunday, but on Monday it was a very long day...He didn't get home till 7:45pm. It was a rough day for both of us, but the Lord brought us through. My friend Thea was sick this week, so I wasn't able to hang out with her this past week, and my friend/neighbor Amber was sick also, so hence, I was in the house everyday last week. But God taught me a lot this last week, and it was good for me. I am daily humbled by His grace, forgiveness, and letting me live this blessed life I live. I am undeserving of all of this.

When Matt's weekend finally came Wednesday night, He came home around 6:15, (later than whats "supposed" to be) and surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. It was supposed to be a "Just Because" bouquet, but it also happened to be our 2 month wedding anniversary. It was so sweet. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together, and just a night in our home of watching movies. That was pretty much our entire weekend - just hanging in our home just being together. We did do a little work around the house cleaning, doing yard work and washing the car. Our big thing this weekend that we did was attend the Annual Lobster Races in South Carolina. It was kinda fun- It was something to check out and do. Matt and I like to see and do things in town or close by. We thought it sounded interesting so we did. The lobster race is exactly how it sounds. They race lobsters and the winning one gets to go back into the ocean. They also had other venders there, rides, food, and all kinds of fair type things. We went for a couple hours and then headed back to Augusta where we met up with our friends Thea and Jeramey in downtown Augusta to hang out and have fun. It was such a fun, relaxing weekend. It was wonderful being with Matt and our friends!

We are now back in work mode till Wednesday night. I have meals to plan and long days ahead of me/us. God has been so good to us, blessing us with the life that we live here,together, in Georgia, and I am so thankful, and grateful for what He is doing in us, and the way He chooses to bless us. None of it we deserve. We are looking forward to hosting a family group/ small group from our church here in our home! We are hosting and being involved with the engaged/newly married group! So excited for this summer session and getting to know others at Berea. It will be so awesome! I can't wait to learn from other couples and grow in Christ with them! Just being encouraged by others stories makes me excited!

Have a blessed week.

Monday, April 23, 2012


I love being married, I really do. I love being married to my best friend, one that I tell everything too. Its so wonderful to see him everyday, go to bed with him every night, and just do the everyday life things with him. Like this weekend when I wanted to show him a park that I had been at earlier in the week with a friend, and it kind of turned out to be " Lets see how many restaurants we wanna eat at, and make sure we go to them all." It was actually really, really fun. It was such a BEAUTIFUL night here in Augusta Friday night. A perfect 78 degree night with clear skies. It was awesome.
   We have also had our fair shares of figuring each other out, our little quirks about each other and the way one of us maybe be messier then the other, the way each other does things, that may get on each others nerves. We have also had our times of apologies when necessary, which have always, thankfully, come pretty quickly. I think being apart so much throughout our getting to know each other stage, dating stage, and engagement made us realize how much we value each other and our times together.  Also, I think we communicate pretty well, although we are both still learning, because for so long thats all we could do, talk. on the phone. All the time. For hours.

     I am also learning that marriage is such a self-less thing. I am going through the book right now; "This Momentary Marriage." and its brought out so many good things, and I am learning what my role as a wife, needs to be. Our marriage is the example of Christ and the church. Loving, forgiving, grace, mercy. So many things that I want to apply to my marriage. I want to be self-less in my marriage. I wanna show grace to Matt even when it may be the most hard thing ever. I wanna forgive Matt for things when its most difficult. I wanna be Christ to Matt. I wanna be Christ in my marriage. I want Christ to be glorified with all that is in me, in everything that I do, say and speak too. I want truth of the word to always be spoken. To be an encouragement. To be a comfort, in my marriage, and in my life.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Colossians 3:12-19

"Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other;as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ RULE in your hears, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdome, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them."

Just some verses that I came across and read this afternoon that I am soaking in. Have a blessed Monday

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just A Few......

Wedding Pictures!!! Enjoy! Thank you Beth Allan Photography for your amazing work.